Invest in North Cyprus

Why invest in North Cyprus

You might wonder why investing in North Cyprus is a great opportunity. Here are a few reasons why foreigners are becoming increasingly interested in this heavenly abode.
  • You can enjoy a holiday home with 320 days of sun
  • You want a place that is family friendly
  • You want to invest your money safely
  • You want a 10- 18% of annual return on your investment
  • You want to be in a place where living costs are low
  • You want to be close to EU but far enough from all the bureaucracy
  • You want to invest where there is a secure system and a stable valuta (GBP)
Payment plan
When you are buying a property the payment plan will always be a big part of the decision. We are able to make a payment plan of up to four years without any interest and extend it further depending on your wish.
Let's have a talk about how to create a payment plan together.
If your situation should change while you are paying off your property in North Cyprus, we will be there to help you update the payment plan so it fits your new demand.
Buy property for bitcoin or other Crypto valutas
North Cyprus is one of the most developed countries when it comes to using crypto valuta as payment. All over North Cyprus you can find places that accept the biggest crypto valutas, both if you want to make your coins into cash or just go shopping in the mall.
We are of course also following this payment motto so if you want to rent or buy properties for Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT or any other of the bigger coins we will welcome you.
North Cyprus best place for retirement
If you are planning to have a place to retire where it is always warm and serene, then you cannot find a place better than North Cyprus.
You can get your dream lifestyle here. Besides the warm weather year round, North Cyprus has a lot more to offer. The culture is a wonderful mix of nationalities from all across the world. People are very friendly and helpful. The crime rate is very low so you can feel safe no matter where you are and no matter what time it is.
North Cyprus also has a great private hospital, and the staff is always available to help you.
There are also many historical places to visit, especially from the Ottoman period. There are many beautiful nature to visit. Add all of this up with a long list of outstanding restaurants, breathtaking beaches and pools.
Work from home or work from paradise
If you are already working from home, why not do it with your own private pool in the background?
Are you looking for peaceful places where you can increase your work life balance? North Cyprus is the place for you.
North Cyprus offers great schooling opportunities for your children from kindergarten through university. Although the official language is Turkish, it is possible to choose English as a medium of study. So if you prefer your child to study in English, that is not going to be a problem here.
If you own a property in North Cyprus, you can easily get a living permit to stay here so you can enjoy this paradise as long as you wish.
We are ready to welcome you to a low stress environment of North Cyprus and organize everything for you; from personal shopping to high-speed internet or your activities at the beach or elsewhere.
North Cyprus is a great Investment opportunity
Property investment has always been a safe way to grow your wealth. Nowadays you are able to buy some very attractive first line properties in North Cyprus and that too, for the lowest prices in Europe.
Buying off-plan properties is very beneficial. We have seen historic increases in value 70-100% once the property is completed after a few years. After completion there is a typical increase in value at 10-15% annually.
North Cyprus enjoys a strategic location as it is around the Mediterranean which is why the rental seasons are long and perfect for a great income. Your property can bring you a great rental income. When you buy properties from us, we are able to provide you with a rental guarantee 6-7% of your invested capital.
All properties in North Cyprus are traded in British Pounds (GBP) which is a very stable currency to protect your capital growth. Rental prices will typically be fixed in euro or GBP depending on your wish.
Rules and protections when you own property in North Cyprus
If you are buying a property in North Cyprus that is under construction, the contract will be registered in the land ministry of North Cyprus after your first payment. When a contract is registered it will not be possible to sell the property without your acceptance. When the property is constructed, you will be able to get title deeds on your property. This is very important if you want to get a local loan with your property. If you wish, there can also be a bank guarantee for the money you are paying for a property while it is being constructed.
Checklist when you are buying properties
When you are considering buying a property, it is important that you make a wish list of what is important for you. It can be location, facilities in the complex or space in the property. At the same time it is important to know your own budget, how much do you have for a down payment, and if the property is coming with a payment plan and how much are you able to handle in a fixed payment plan.
We have made a checklist for you to view before signing a contract for your dream property.
Constructed property
  • Title deeds
  • Loan or other non-paid bills in the property
  • Maintenance fee for the complex
  • Rental records
Properties under development
  • Rental guarantee
  • Record of growth values in other complexes
  • Contract including facilities / payments
  • Date for completion / date of compensation if delayed
  • Brand of materials in the contract
  • Payment plan
  • Title deeds or official registration

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