Holiday in North Cyprus

Travel to North Cyprus

North Cyprus is a popular travel destination in the Mediterranean full of historic attractions, gorgeous scenery, great accommodation and friendly people. If you are planning a trip to North Cyprus to enjoy your holidays in the interesting towns and cities or you are planning to inspect a property, let us help you. We will make sure that your trip is both practical and entertaining while fulfilling all your needs.
Airports in Cyprus
  • Ercan (ECN) is located in North Cyprus. You will typically have a stopover in Istanbul before you can come to this paradise island
  • Larnaca (LCA) is located in South Cyprus and with a short taxi trip you will be on the North side. Direct flights from many different destinations come to this airport
  • Paphos (PFO) is located in the very south of Cyprus, and it will take a two hours drive to get to North Cyprus.
Car Rental
It is possible to rent a car in the south and drive it to the North. All you need is to buy an extra insurance which is approximately 25 Euro, when crossing the border to the North. However, if you are only visiting North we recommend you to hire car rental from the North. You can contact us for the best car rental company in North Cyprus that suits your area of travel.
Why should you go on a holiday to Cyprus?
Here are a number of reasons that are enough to convince you to travel to this fascinating destination.
  • You want to enjoy pool and amazing beaches
  • You want to go hiking in the mountains
  • You want to amuse yourself with walks in the nature
  • You want to go to great restaurants that are reasonably priced
  • You want good shopping for affordable price
  • You want to chill in the wine fields
Pay your holiday in bitcoin or other Crypto valutas
North Cyprus is one of the most developed countries when it comes to using crypto valuta as payment. All over North Cyprus you can find places that accept the biggest crypto valutas, both if you want to make your coins into cash or just go shopping in the mall.
We are of course also following this payment motto so if you want to rent properties for Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT or any other of the bigger coins we will welcome you.
Tourist activity in North Cyprus
Northern Cyprus is known as a quiet retreat, a heaven for those looking for sun and solitude. It is dominated by gorgeous scenery along with a reasonable amount of activities for the tourists. Some of the wildest landscapes and dreamiest beaches are found here which capture the soul of any one who lays eyes on them. If you are not looking for a quiet day at the beach and feeling a little adventurous, Northern Cyprus offers great fun too!
You can choose from a number of activities like paragliding, go-Karting, paintballing and many interesting water sports. You have the opportunity to explore the exotic sea life while snorkelling or diving. If you are not a water person, you can also go on a horse ride through the spectacular Kyrenia Mountains or spend your time at the exuberant Korineum Golf Club that offers an 18 hole course. Natural beauties and historic sites are also some of the surprising attractions. Old beach towns like Famagusta, is an enchanting Greek relic that is a perfect tourist attraction especially for Shakespear lovers. Northern Cyprus also has National Park in Karpaz Peninsula where wild donkeys, turtles, collections of rare birds and flora can be enjoyed by tourists of all ages, and that too in the warm Mediterranean ambience.
So if you need a place more than sun, beaches and spectacular views, then let it be known that North Cyprus offers a wide array of fun and exciting activities for you!

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