Q&A North Cyprus

Questions and answers about North Cyprus

  • How is the green line working?

    The green line between North and South Cyprus is always open, and is easy to cross at any time of the day. Everyone with approved access into the European Union can cross this border. However, third country citizens have to first cross from south to north. (Covid-19 rules can change over time so it is best to contact us for to know the situation is it changes according to your place of departure)

  • Are my travel insurers covering the North?

    Travel insurers will be cover both North or South of Cyprus

  • Will my phone work in the North?

    The mobile phone network is operated by Turkish suppliers, so your phone bill for using in North Cyprus will be similar to Turkey. However, you can very easily buy a cheap, local sim card which allows you to have mobile data throughout your stay.

  • What are the Visa rules and how long can I stay in North Cyprus without a visa?

    For most countries, including the European Union and Russia, you can stay in North Cyprus without any visa for 30 days, or max 90 days out of 180 days. If you wish to stay longer than this you have to go through a fast visa process. Contact us for getting help to find the visa that is fit for you.

  • Is North Cyprus a part of the European Union?

    North Cyprus is not a part of the official European Union because the European Union does not recognize the North government. However, the European Union will in most cases recognize Cyprus as one area.

  • Who can buy property in North Cyprus?

    All private individuals can buy properties within North Cyprus. Companies can also buy properties in North Cyprus. Depending on your specific case we can provide you with suitable solutions.

  • What valuta is used in North Cyprus?

    All properties are traded in British Pounds (GBP). However, Turkish Lira (TL) is used locally in shops and restaurants. In general GBP, EURO, TL, USD and bigger crypto valutas are also accepted as payment in North Cyprus. Cash is always accepted, but credit cards are also accepted in many places.

  • What language is spoken in North Cyprus?

    Turkish is the official language in North Cyprus. However, both English and Russian are widely spoken and you will always be able to find your way around with one of these three languages.

  • How is the taxation working in North Cyprus?

    In general, taxes are very low compared to other countries. For example, income tax and company tax is 13% and there isn’t any tax on gains in crypto valutas . Inheritance tax is also very low. You can contact us for further information regarding the situation of taxation within North Cyprus.

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